Kami Hair Color Shampoo (The Black magic).

Directions of use

Make sure that hair is not oily to get best results
Put on the Provided hand Gloves wet your hair thoroughly

Cut and squeeze out all the shampoo. Mix well with fingers

Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage well for 5-10 minutes

Rinse well with clean water. ( For more information refer shampoo sachet)


Kami Black Hair Shampoo is a  product which changes hair color from grey to black in just 5 minutes. It’s cost effective, time-saving, hassle-free, and simple to use.

This miracle black hair shampoo contains non-toxic substances, No Ammonia and no side effects.Contains herbal extracts and fruit essence. It turns white hair into natural black and also cleanses , nourishes, protects and repairs  the hair. It makes the hair healthy , shining black and charming.It acts deeply within and on the surface of hair to add strength and shine  and helps to retard the process of prematurely graying, and dull hair.

Works on both Men and Women and on any hair type.

Uses the natural protein in hair to create malanin-like pigment, restoring the natural hair color.


This product is not suitable for allergic person. Therefore,please do an allergy test.Massage some on the root of the  ear.Feel free to use it if no red itches appears within 24 hours

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